Counseling Center

Role of A School Counselor
The school counselor has a Master’s Degree in school counseling and is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. School counselors are trained in human behavior and relationships, career development, and child development. Their goal is to help students best meet their academic, career, social, emotional, and personal needs. Check out the information below to learn more!

Services Provided
School counselors provide a wide range of student services in their buildings. Some examples of services that we may provide can be found below:

-Individual Counseling
          > Grief and loss
          > School related
          > Expressing emotions
          > Behavior management
          > Social skills
          > Conflict resolution
          > Self-esteem
          > Family concerns
-Group Counseling
          > Social skills
          > Grief and loss
          > School related
          > Organization
          > Divorce and family
          > Anger management
-Classroom Counseling Lessons
          > Character education
          > Social emotional learning
          > Career education
          > Bullying

Counselors often meet and consult with:
> Parents
> Teachers, staff, administrators
> Outside agencies
> Community resources

These relationships are encouraged in order to provide the best and most appropriate support for our students.

How Do Parents Contact the Counselor?
Parents are encouraged to call or email the counselor with concerns they may have for their children. If needed, personal meeting can also be arranged.

Why Do Parents Contact the Counselor?
Parents can contact the counselor for many different reasons, some include:
> Family concerns
> Student's social or emotional difficulties
> Academic achievement 
> Crisis or traumatic event
> Parenting information
> Referrals for resources and support

How Can a Student See the Counselor?
> Teacher, staff, or administrator referral
> Parent request
> Self-referral
> Stopping by the counseling office
> Appointments made by counselor

Ms. Lindsay Smeigh
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 717-582-4318 x 2205

The school counselor maintains strict confidentiality in accordance with the code of ethics and practice standards of the American Counseling Association (ACA), the Pennsylvania School Counseling Association (PSCA), school/district policies, and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).